Monday, October 27, 2008

The Dance and the Rythm of beautiful people.......can you hear it?

Well, today is Monday...... What is it about certain Mondays that make them so blue? I am sitting here at my desk and am struggling so to focus. I am def using a hell of a long runway today - for this week ahead.

You know, I was thinking this morning about judgement - the power of it in the wrong places that seem like the right places!!! Why do we as people sometimes think that we have the power to exercise judgment? Not only ourselves, but on others......are we not to accept and love people? Are we not meant to walk a road of love and encouragement with those around us? Since when has it become our duty to make sure that people are on the right track and living life like they should!

The joys of getting older is that you couldn't care less whether you fit in or not, whether you are being judged or not. Why is it though that we are always expected to fit into something? Be someone for someone or something? Round peg in a square hole. Can we not accept all for who they are.....if you are a square peg, why keep trying to fit into the round hole? Why is there underlying pressure to fit into something that we are not.....Is that pressure a normal part of living or are we just getting involved in areas where we were never meant to get involved. Are we wanting to drive a car that we were never given keys for? Do we really give the credit due where it belongs? Do we really see the quality and strength of people around us? Or do we prefer to play God and think we hold some kind of place of authority in our dealings with people everyday?

What amazes me is that when one stands up and in actual fact takes the stand for what you feel is right for you - then.....invariably, people won't like the shake or change and immediately will respond with suspicion and or distrust......

Do you really live in your rhythm? Are you dancing your dance? Or have you altered it so much that you forgot the sound?

Be who you are.....stand up and be yourself!!! You don't owe anybody owe it to your self. Each person has a rhythm and a dance.......can you hear it?

Step out and be yourself!!!!!

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