Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coffee and a Soccer Match....?

As I sped around the corner and parked my car, I was late! (Little did I know that I was late for a meeting that would change my life completely.)

I took a flying leap out of my car, ran up the stairs and saw nobody!! Ran back down the stairs - and there stood a gentlemen who looked familiar. As we both "clicked" that we were there for the same reason - we shook hands, introduced ourselves quite formerly and then proceeded back up the stairs. As we found a table and took our seats there was such nervousness in the air. 

It was a somewhat chilly day as I recall, and we were seated outside, on the balcony of Jenna Viva. We placed an order and the conversation started...and carried on for the best part of four or five hours. This was all happening in the middle of a world cup soccer match, and I shamefully had to take a glance from time to time over Gavin's shoulder to see what the score was. I mean SOCCER WORLD CUP people!!!

As the chatter continued we both were getting cold. As I sit and recall this memory I have to chuckle - we were both far to polite at this stage to mention anything. Never the less, this day I will never forget. What was meant as a coffee meeting, ended up being a wonderful meal with a man that captured my heart totally, a life changing experience.

On this day, 12 June, two years ago, with a cup of coffee and a soccer match, I met the love of my life, God's gift to my heart.

The man I love

God's Gift to my Heart

Best Friends
Thank you Father God for this man that you gave me! May I treasure him always...as we walk life together and fall more and more in love!

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Phillipa said...

Love your site and the lovely pics of the two of you. Such a wonderful couple, God knew what He was doing when He put you two together. Hugs, Phillipa